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Ruthless homosexual dom torturing his young victim

Yet Existence With Louis Vuitton

Posted by admin on December 29th, 2013

Lance Navarro

I just takes an special text message from one of my superstars, Leroy Navarro. Till he takes at this second for a plink single being, I teased him tight his Louis Vuitton bag. I teased him narrow application a Louis Vuitton bursa to proceed his leathern porn toys and he observes me the insane story of how it has bought for him by a sugar daddy. I loved the juxtaposition of an elegant ladies carton crowded with butch leathern gear ergo tons we set it up as a else life photo composition.

If I were a famous artist, curators and critics would write entire textbooks near this photo, but there it is in the direction of you to relish. If I were a famous artist, I would exactly buy Lucas a further Louis Vuitton pouch as a replacement, but if you buy rather memberships to my website…. oh, never mind. That’s a luck to interrogate.

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The shot over was from the day we shot the Louis Vuitton handbag and Luke carried his green fair protege’, Dylan Bronson, for his sex debut. The story walks, Leo no longer wanted to be typecast as a floor, thereby he brought a fair immature gay to prove he could be a major daddy maximum. Well, after a a few false starts, we has becomed the episode to a flipflop and that’s how it went. Sign-up in the direction of Lavender Lounge and take a glance.

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Boy Punishment in Winter

Posted by admin on December 27th, 2013

Objects was a bit little during this skiing vacation. A mob of queer were obviously in the mood for anything muddy, and they were too tipsy. Also bad this cute youngster came to hand. He stopped up strapped with a skiing leash, his bangles fastened to tree stems, his sexiest, sensitive buttocks punishment with a leathern punish small bit of the male had on himself for less reason. It obtain the chap a funny satisfaction, standing bare-assed in the silent winter wood, only the sounds of the punish against his skin heard.
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Men in BDSM Nightmare

Posted by admin on December 18th, 2013

Late at nighttime two raiders come across Caleb Wilde’s apartment when he’s sleeping. These prevs think to love the studs body but when single of them earns clumsy Cameron wakes up. The soldiers have no choice but to take him down. Christian’s schlong gained tough across his undies as the two queer punish off him. They fellatio his bowler but never fellatio his rod as he battles in bed, begging to spunk. Early the next morning Caleb detects himself chained to a bench with nipple attaches on. The vibrators on his rod head adduce him to the edge more and more. Lastly Caleb is smacking and single of the pervs licks his goodly backside.

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Posted by admin on December 17th, 2013

Super stallion Christopher Daniels is hanging outside with otherwise best hunk Jeremy Stevens. Too choose to game but neither intend to submits. They decide to take turns. Existence fresh on BG, Christopher gets pegged up former. Christopher says, “Now, it’s my rotate.” He straps Jeremy to the concrete wall and uses electrical on the stud’s arse and growls. Jeremy says, “Is that something you has?” Urinated off, Christopher inserts out the cattle prod and the side starts.


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The audience hands out the verdict

Posted by admin on December 16th, 2013

It’s the January Strapped Gods Live show and we’re doing anything we’ve never done before. In this 3 hour role playing event we feature Leo Forte and Sebastian Keys as the subs for Headmaster Mylo Black.The state of Kinkistan receives detained two hikers claiming to be actors from the neighboring country of Moldavia. They are commanded with espionage and their questioning is broadcast really on the internet for the citizens to decide their destiny. Under the supervision of Cmdr. Mylo the fellows are immolate a thorough cavity search. Yet pleading innocent the questioning is amped up as the two spies are prepared to suck schlong. Still claiming to be hikers, the chaps destiny lies in the audience decision. The verdict: guilty. The two are chained up to bamboo and screwed by the Commander till hanging in the mid space. Resigned to the fact that they are once porn servants for the country of Kinkistan they beg for Cmdr.

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Dominance Building Call

Posted by admin on December 10th, 2013

Brenn Daniels reaches a episode planned with a horny daddy and he’s rather nervy not distant it. Just as he resolves the door to find Matthew Smutty, he’s put in his housing then. Michael makes Brenn unclothe down and reverence the master’s boots and leather hunk. When Blake grows also keen Morgan puts him by the ear to the kitchen and explains to him the finer points of BDSM as he ties Brenn to a chair and becomes him lick his shaft. Following Mylo hits Branden tougher than he’s ever taken it before. As a recompense Matthew screws Blake’s arce where he stands. Pegged down to the bedstead Michael gives Brian the electricity arce plug causing him to wiggle and twist in the bedstead. physiognomy.

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Gay penis sounding

Posted by admin on December 6th, 2013

Ink-covered jock Travis Bishop self ball punishing & sounding

Watch as magnificent muscle boy is restrained!

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Hairy stud in white shorts tied up by strong rope

Posted by admin on November 26th, 2013

Joshua Long does to Male on Edge with no feel with restrain, but he’s excited to try something fresh. We begin him off stationary to the gruff and blindfolded him as his clothes are removed. Joshua began to admire the feel of the leashes on his heated shaggy trunk when we notice his penis is else ruthless, begging to be edged. Josh jostles himself to take the crop and fixes on his tits as his stationary up pulsatory rod is sucked and edged.

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Max Receives Kinky

Posted by admin on November 16th, 2013

Mitch Carter captures Christian Rae who detects himself Becko over in a murky crate. Mitch is the Headmaster of Christian’s tender arse as he beats him tougher and tougher. Christians polished asshole does purple and enflamed just thereat Mitch’s cool rough usage.

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The balls crusher and a urethral stimulator

Posted by admin on November 6th, 2013

Home servant Cris nervously expects his domme Sten. Steve waits massive objects from his subleepsack. As Cris’ yells receive louder the again weights are thrown on, his shaft grows stronger. Yet hooked head over heels Cris is immolate a hard smacking by his horny master.Each zap of electrical makes Cris’ schlong throb, bringing him to the party of cumming. Before Sten let’s his sub blow his loads albeit, he fucks Cris ruthless in the backside with his enormous rod, when he explodes all above his bottoms phiz.

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